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Welcome to Road to 750+

Financial Education And Resources to Master Your Money, Improve Your Credit Score, and Create Sustainable Wealth.

You've seen me:
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Is Your Relationship with Money & Credit A Little Too…Complicated? 

If So, Then Let’s Keep It Real:

Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On Credit-Reducing Activities ISN’T IT!


Being Unable To Access Tools To Make Your Next Big Purchase ISN’T IT!


Worrying About Where Money Is Going To Come From ISN’T IT!

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Leverage the power of good credit

Sound Financial Advice To Open The Doors To Your Next Big Achievement

Repair your situationship

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Doing The Proper Work, Which Requires Patience, Vulnerability, And A Plan.

Meet Shonda Martin, a credit specialist and successful entrepreneur aiming to help you learn from her poor credit management mistakes to improve your credit and achieve financial stability the right way. She is considered the queen of easing the credit repair process for thousands of Americans struggling to manage their finances and obtain a desirable credit score. She operates from multiple mediums, from her DIY Credit Repair Facebook Group (Road To 750+) to her growing YouTube page, to best meet your immediate needs and save you thousands of dollars in financial education. 

Our past customers are breaking free

Are You Committed To Breaking Up With Your Financial Dilemmas To Experience Unlimited Financial Freedom?

I absolutely love the group Road to 750. My life has completely changed just reading, following instructions and being patient. Shonda provides great tools that help with your credit,  some cost you nothing and others cost very very little. I am amazed of the out come I have received. Thanks so much for this group it has truly changed my life.

Both my husband and my credit score has gone up 100 pts since Feb. My knowledge of credits 10x higher than it was a few months ago. Motivated to get in that 700 club.

I closed on a HOUSE this week, using what I learned here to build my credit and do so quickly! My first house! This group is life-changing and I’m not being  dramatic. I filed bankruptcy in 2015 and was basically sitting around waiting on Father Time to fix my credit problems.

— LaShaunda Jackson
— latoya drags
— Krista dee
It’s time to build wealth

You Don’t Have to Have Commas in the Bank to Build Good Credit and Access a New Level of Financial Security.

All you need is a push to get you to that right mindset and a bulletproof plan to guide you to that 750+ status. If you’re ready, check out our best-sellers many have used to begin their journey.

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